Good With Words.

Brand Identity/Story & Creative Direction

I dig and polish – I find your unique selling point, your people’s pain points, the ‘actual point’ of  your story; I produce killer taglines and copy; consult, design and create content.

I share my people – I have a great network of creatives. I can hook you up with and project manage social media; PR; photography, video; visual design, web, and a decent meal.


Content is Queen and she dictates your reach. Those charming, chameleon-esque SEO algorithms just love an updated website. Let's blog the crap out of it. Name your topics or leave me to dance around your market and choose my own. We can dig on the mark or trough around the mark–whatever your style, all that counts is content is created regularly and your people find you.

Food, lifestyle & local culture are my bag, but I'm also a research nerd so throw me in anywhere..


From basic copy-editing to structural and developmental editing. For those on a budget, or who just like working the words but want to wave a pro’s hand over them for a spit & polish. I offer editing services for all marketing copy; EDMs, websites, blog posts, Ebooks, novels, speeches, even well-formed text messages– if you’re struggling.

If you want to write it, go on! Have at it. I got your back. I can clean up, cut down, fill out any piece large or small. I won’t screw around your message, just make your voice louder.

What you got? Lemme at it, from finance to fashion to farming, if it's got heart I want to tell the story.

Sometimes it’s the words I refuse to use that matter to your people
— Me

The Human Behind The Words (behind your next project).

I didn’t know what a copywriter was when I began being one.

I was working as an Intern Junior Copywriter for a regional radio station, writing copy for 30 second radio adverts. It was just me writing fun little 30 second situation comedies. It was here I learned what copy actually was, what it meant for businesses. I learned the valuable skill of translating briefs –quickly! It was also here I discovered a pun-chant for crafting creative ideas within tight frames. And a weird, yet kind of conventional love of copy was born. I also really love spaghetti, but that's irrelevant (or is it?)

I built on my brand-erstanding in the years following by working closely with visual designers on concepts and spending hours filling out websites with copy. I did writing and editing courses to nurture my love of words and how they fit together. I continued to live and work a varied and very full, people-centric life – all the while obsessing over marketing, social, and media trends and basically wanting to break them.

In 2012, I began my freelance career learning client service hands on, communicating directly with stakeholders from the very beginning. I’ve worked for government agencies, large corporations, start-ups, production companies, creative publications and more. And I’ve built a solid reputation among my networks as a dexterous and easygoing professional.

Today, I focus on working with people and projects that have ethical foundations, bold visions, sustainable practices, and/or social sensitivities and I like people with guts– one or all of the above and we're in business.

Does your project need an experienced, strategic & creative wordsmith or creative direction in general– someone reliable, confident, a bit bent? Someone who can translate your message in a way you'd say it – if you only had the time/skills/words?

Let's talk.