Content is Queen, got it. But...

Q. But, I’m a great writer, why do I need a copywriter?


A. Because most of the time you’re not selling a product, you’re selling yourself. And it’s hard.

Three reasons it’s hard:

  1. When we talk about stuff we know really well –like ourselves and our business, we tend to self edit. Too close to the story, and we leave stuff out. Sometimes this is the very thing our people need to know.

  2. You just don’t really know-know what you/your business is all about. Well you know what you do, but you can’t really explain it to your people––or even find your people. This can come from a long evolution of a business, or from a start-up that came on too quick. Your message and purpose might be there somewhere, but you’re just not clear enough yourself, and as a result will never be able to express it right.

  3. Clunky copy is easy to fart out. But not really something people want in their faces. Clunky copy comes from the reasons above and can also come from trying to say too much–another product of knowing too much. Not your fault. But don’t spend days/weeks/months trying to unknow everything you know about you/your business just to punch out a couple of paragraphs.

    Let me do that for you.